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Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

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    Death Star Ice Sphere Mold


     Your guest enters your house upon being invited to your annual Star Wars Marathon Viewing Party, wearing his movie-grade Han Solo costume. He has his girl in tow, wearing her custom made Leia slave costume. You try to maintain eye contact as you greet her. A task you are finding to be more difficult than bullseyeing a Womp Rat in your T-16. You succeed! Your guest then wanders over to the cantina and asks the bartender, who dons a heavy-duty Obi Wan Jedi Robe, to fix him a stiff drink. As the bartender pulls a spherical, translucent object out of the ice bucket with his tongs, the guest asks, "Whoa, what is that? Is that... a moon?" The bartender, who has been waiting for someone to ask him that question all night, excitedly replies, "That's no Moon!".

     It's the Star Wars Death Star Ice Sphere Mold! Not only cool for ice cold beverages, they could also make Death Star chocolate truffles, and even Death Star soap! So cool, you're probably asking the question, "What Hoth Global Zombie wrought?" See what we did there?


    Features Include:

    • Create ice spheres that look like the Death Star
    • Creates 1 Death star (freeze ahead and store multiple Death Stars in a Ziplock freezer bag)
    • Made of heat and cold resistant food-safe silicone
    • Also great for molding chocolates or soap
    • Freezer and dishwasher safe
    • Dimensions: 2.4" in diameter
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