Kegzie Beer & Soda Cooler

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    Loot: Kegzie Beverage Cooler

    Quest: Supply run

    Found by: Trace

    Where: Run-down condos

    Zombies slayed on quest: 9


    Stay Cool, Brew

     Ahh, the college years. Fraternizing with the half-naked beauties walking around campus. Hacky-sacking and frisbee-tossing on the common grounds. And the parties... frat parties, pool parties, toga parties, bottomless parties - all kinds of parties. And while all this was going on I was studying in my dorm room with my agoraphobic roomate Kenny, to eventually become a mediocrely paid product review writer for a mid-sized geek gear selling website. FML.

     Don't be like me. Get out there and have fun! And while you are out there, make sure to carry around some cool stuff. Like our Kegzie Beverage Cooler. Keeps your beverage cool and looks like a mini keg. A mini keg!


    Product Specifications

    • Beverage holder that looks like a tiny keg
    • Holds any standard sized can of beverage
    • Can be used for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Material: Foam
    • Hand wash with a damp cloth and mild detergent



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