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Power-Up Arcade Light Switch

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    Power-Up Arcade Light Switch


    Problem: I miss the good ol' arcade days of my youth. More so, the feeling of holding on to a joystick with a big red ball on top and at the same time, pressing oversized buttons..

    Solution: The Power-Up Arcade Light Switch!

     Now you can touch your joystick anytime you feel the need (I mean that literally, you sicko), with the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch! Retro gamers will be smitten with it's ability to not only make your lights turn off and on, but to make cool sounds like, "pew pew" and "bupp bupp", too. Not sure you're hearing it the same way as we're hearing it as we write the sound description, but if you've played as many video games in your time as we did ours, we guess you probably are.

    Features Include:

    • "Power-Up!" sign lights up when you turn your lights on or off
    • Press the buttons for arcade sound effects
    • Requires simple tools (screwdriver) to replace your current switch plate
    • Batteries power the lights and sounds. The light switch function will work with or without batteries.
    • Batteries: 2 AA (not included)
    • Adult installation required

    *Will the Power-Up Light Switch fit on your wall? If your lightswitch is on the left of your door: Measure from the door casing to the center (screw) of light switch. If it's over 3 3/4" away, it fits! If your lightswitch is on the right of your door: Measure from the door casing to the center (screw) of light switch. If it's over 3/4" away, it fits!

    **Be aware that since the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch fits over your existing wall switch, your light switch type needs to be the common switch type. Dimmers, flat switches, etc.. will not work. Oh and Electricity is awesome but dangerous. Take all safety precautions when replacing your switch plate.

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