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The Mug Boss

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    The Mug Boss


    Problem: I'm a foreman at a MAJOR construction company, and I want to show the peons that work under me that "hey, I'm just like you". (Without getting my hands dirty, of course.)
    Solution: The Mug Boss from Global Zombie!

     Now when you call your laborers into your portable office/trailer, they will get a kick out of seeing you pull out a pen from a BucketBoss (Just like the one they use!). Of course their smile will turn into a frown as soon as they watch you sign their final paycheck, but hey - you have to cut costs somewhere, right? And you can take pride in knowing they will always remember that pompous jerk who signed their final paycheck with a pen that came out of a super cool Mug Boss!

    Features Include:

    • 12 pockets to organize pens, brushes, small tools, and more
    • Fits most standard 10-12 oz mugs
    • If it happens not to fit, instead of trying to re-sew it, just get a new mug!
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